They are also low in calories, making them a great option for overweight dogs. Bully Sticks. SHOP NOW Rawhide dog treats do not completely digest making the rawhide dangerous for dogs who chew or break off large pieces that can cause blockages and digestive issues. Rawhide Alternatives Products [73] Sort by: Use Default Sorting Price: Low to High Price: High to Low Name Newest Brand Avg Review Review Count Free Shipping On Sale In fact, the Humane Society of the United States and the ASPCA both discourage rawhide consumption and list it among the dangerous household products for pets (next to pesticides and cleaning chemicals). Other popular alternatives to rawhide include deer antlers and hooves. So it is ideal to find some rawhide alternatives for dogs and luckily there are a lot of good choice that your dog will still enjoy. Giving your new puppy the very best start in life is always a priority. And, as with other pet (or human) foods, Salmonella or E. Digestive irritation. AFreschi Turkey Tendon for Dogs, Premium All-Natural, Hypoallergenic, Long-Lasting Dog Chew Treat, Easy to Digest, Alternative to Rawhide, Ingredient Sourced from USA, (Medium) 4.2 out of 5 stars 101 $12.99$12.99 Save 5% more with Subscribe & Save An elk antler is one of the best chew solutions we’ve found for dogs that tear up other bones and toys. Pet ‘n Shape Chik ‘n Skewers : Best for Chicken Lovers. One of the most popular alternatives are bully sticks for dogs. However, rawhide is extremely dangerous. But whether they should be given to puppies or not is often a debated topic, as there are alternatives to rawhide treats that can provide similar benefits. Treat & rawhide bones alternatives for dogs 1. At Best Bully Sticks, you can find nutritious, single-ingredient tripe, gullet, and trachea chews and variety packs for dogs. Some dogs are simply sensitive or … Many vets recommend safe, natural alternatives of rawhide for dogs. Rawhide Alternatives for Puppies . I wouldn't say that rawhide treats are a huge risk for dogs, but considering that there's always a chance they could be contaminated with salmonella, that's enough reason to swap your dog's rawhide chews out for natural chews. – Michelle, Canine Journal. The Pet ‘n Shape Chik ‘n Skewers have been made with... 3. About a year ago, we pet-sat my cousin’s dogs, and he brought Petstages Dogwood chews for them (plus a couple extra for my dogs). Deer and elk antlers are fantastic treats for your pet. Frozen carrots are also great for teething puppies as the coldness will provide some much needed relief! Brands such as Best Bully Sticks use free range, grass-fed beef, and no harmful chemicals or additives. These chews are … The Best Bully Sticks 100... 2. For Pomeranians with more noticeable digestive issues and a preference for softer chews, Himalayan yak chews are a perfect match. In simplest terms, rawhide is the appetizing alternative to a chew toy. Rawhide is a great way to keep a dog occupied and present them with something they can chew on happily for as long as they want. He can chew on it for months before we have to replace one! They can be hugely damaging to the dog’s teeth. Our dogs love to chew and rawhide chews have been great for their teeth, for boredom, and to alleviate anxiety. You want to avoid the pet store verity as they are cooked and chip easily. Though they will not last forever, they will last for awhile. Best Bully Sticks 100 Percent Natural Bully Sticks : Best Rawhide Alternative for Puppies. Bully sticks are another popular alternative to rawhide chews. Replacing your dogs rawhide dog treats with a digestible and durable alternative can cut down on these risks while keeping your dog happily chewing. (They're also known for being choking hazards due to splinters.) Keeping your dog’s teeth clean and their breath… tolerable, is easier when your dog has natural chews to remove bacteria and food that is hiding in between their teeth. Made from Himalayan yak’s milk, these chews are an all-natural rawhide alternative for Pomeranians that contain zero preservatives. This is a favorite with Barley, our super chewer dog. The positives of giving dogs and puppies rawhide chews. Raw Bones. Top 10 Rawhide Alternatives for Dogs 1. These are made from pure beef so they... 2. Bully Sticks. It is so dangerous, that I am stunned they can still sell it. Venson ears are a tasty treat for dogs, as are the ears of other animals, like cows and pigs. Rawhide chews start out hard, but as your dog chews is it gets softer, until it is the consistency taffy or bubble gum. Rawhide has long been touted as a superior dental cleaning chew, but concerns about the safety of the chews may have you looking for an alternative to the classic treat. These are tricky. These rawhide free dog chews are made with real, dried chicken breast with added vitamins and … Almost every breed of dog goes crazy for these 100% beef treats. Bully Sticks … Natural wood chews. Bully sticks are great for keeping canines occupied. Benefits of Rawhide Chews. But while many believe it is a good choice for improving dental hygiene, this isn’t the case. Your dog loves a rawhide chew, and you don’t want to deprive them of a good chew. Chicken and rawhide makes an absolutely delicious combination for your pooch. These are one of the better-known chews out there, but it’s important to know that not all antlers are... 3. My favorite chew to recommend is going to be a bully stick because it’s single ingredient – it’s just... 2. These are the most common rawhide risks: Contamination. What that means is that, according to , animal—usually cow—hide is split to make rawhide … Bully sticks are said to be a great alternative to rawhide because they are healthier and digestible. Each long-lasting, savory treat serves as a great source of protein has a very low-fat content, it is also a healthy snack your dog will enjoy being treated with. The rawhide used in the pet industry tends to be sourced from cows and it's the inner most layer of their hide that's used to make dog and other pet treats and toys. Choosing healthy dog chews for puppies and tiny dogs less than 15 pounds is important as digestive problems can be particularly problematic for these two groups. Discover healthy Alternatives to Rawhide for your Dog at Pets at Home, the UK's largest pet shop. In this post, I share more than 20 alternatives for pet parents looking to safely satisfy their dog's chew drive. They come in all sorts of sizes, and they are pretty economical to buy. Shop Chewy for low prices and the best Dog Rawhide Alternatives! Alternatives To RawHide? As with pet toys, rawhide chews can contain trace amounts of toxic chemicals. This premium quality rawhide bone wrapped with all-natural chicken breast is one of the rawhide for puppies. If you still use rawh… Antlers. Including Free Delivery on Orders over £35. But with a number of replacements, how about considering smart, healthy chew alternatives rather than dangers of rawhide … Not only will you want them to benefit from a healthy diet from the outset but putting in place the right dental hygiene program from an early age can help ensure that adult teeth come through in good condition and remain that way for as long as possible. Depending on the dog, a rawhide can last days or even weeks! All four dogs loved the chews, and it kept them busy for hours. Sweet potatoes are the ultimate light snack for your pup. Rawhide Alternatives 1. Some of the most popular of these are Raw Bones, Animal Ears, and Deer Antlers. There have been reports of rawhide containing arsenic, lead, and even insecticides. FREE shipping on orders $49+ and the BEST customer service! Earth Animal No-Hides. Many veterinary dental specialists are seeing a huge upsurge in dogs needing complex … There are a number of other treats that are similar to Rawhide but may not have the same risks associated. Rawhide chew sticks, or rawhide bones, are unsurprisingly made from rawhide. However, these have a different set of problems. Rawhide Alternatives Bully Sticks. Rawhide can come in a range of different treats and you can even get varieties of rawhide for puppies. Many rawhide products also add in artificial flavorings and colors that also increase the health risk for your dog. Long Beach, Calif.-based Redbarn offers Puff Braids, a rawhide alternative for light chewers, puppies and seniors, and, for dogs with more force to their chewing, Tripe Twists, an all-natural beef chew sourced from free-range, grass-fed cattle. I mean, most dogs chew on rawhide for hours on end, and not only does it keep them busy, but they seem to last forever. Safe Rawhide Alternative. Rawhide chews and bones are very popular for dogs. Perhaps the most popular of rawhide alternatives are bully sticks. Bully Sticks. Rawhide chews used to be the go-to for stealing hours of a canine’s attention. Smartbones. Bully Sticks. The chews do break into pieces, but they are much smaller than pieces I’ve seen come off rawhide. Healthy rawhide alternatives don’t stop at bully sticks! This natural alternative is much safer than rawhide and equally satisfying and long lasting. By including our Pork Chomps chews, which are vet-recommended rawhide alternatives for puppies, owners can feel good about providing a safe, healthy chew any puppy will love. 9. SmartBones rawhide-free dog chews There are some other animal based alternatives for rawhide that are not as potentially harmful for your pets. There are certainly much healthier and safer alternatives for your dog. The last thing... Random Animal Parts. Find everything you need in one place. Best Rawhide for Puppies 2020 – Buyer’s Guide 1. Antlers. Bully Sticks do not splinter like rawhide does. Rawhide chews keep our dogs' jaws strong, their teeth clean, and their breath fresh. They have multiple benefits like helping your dog... Sweet Potato Chews. Rawhide has been designed to help dogs with chewing, but is also a great way to get your dog away from shoes or whatever else they like to vandalize. They also make a great rawhide alternative for puppies of medium-to-large sized breeds. We carry a large selection and the top brands like SmartBones, Scott Pet Products, and more. There are a few benefits to giving puppies and dogs rawhide treats or toys to chew on.

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