My kit always includes: paracetamol ibuprofen cold and flu medicine travel-sickness tablets antihistamine Imodium Hydralyte pocket tissues band-aids hand sanitizer wet wipes Pack the basics of a first aid kit – bandages and antibiotics – for hiking or camping in the event of a cut from the sharp lava rocks. This isn’t surprising since, I was also stumped on what to pack for Iceland’s “summer,” where temperatures & precipitation can swing wildly in a matter of minutes. In 2020 you'll be able to explore Iceland in even greater luxury. Bring layers, and make sure your clothes are waterproof! Remember that Iceland isn’t the end of the world, and if you forget something it’s likely you’ll be able to find it when you get there. Polar fleeces can be worn under raincoats to keep you dry and warm. 1 fleece. 30 Tips for Renting a Car in Iceland; 13 Best Road Trips in … A versatile jacket that’s preferably warm, a windbreaker, and a rain jacket … It can get windy in Iceland, especially on the coast and in the highlands, so you should definitely take a windbreaker or waterproof jacket that will keep you cosy and dry. since you may not have easy access to your suitcase during the day as you travel between accommodations. What to pack: Wind breaker or waterproof jacket. If you’ve little ones, consider the latter half of July as a possibility when booking a cruise for a holiday the whole family can enjoy. What to Pack. One of the reasons people love cruises is because you get to see a lot of the world without having to move hotel rooms and keep packing and unpacking your case. When deciding what to pack for a cruise, your cruise packing list should account for three distinct sub-trips: the ship, the ports, and in transit. I never recommend over-packing but if you’re ever going to take a large case on holiday, now is the time. Any advice will be most welcome! 1 smart cardigain. We will travel in a clockwise direction around the Island. There are many ships that can take you wherever you want to go, whether you're interested in a European shore excursion or Iceland cruises through some of the region's most beautiful nature preserves. Warm legwear is important too, ladies may like to think about packing thick stockings to layer under jeans, and thermal underwear is a … The weather in Iceland is actually milder on average than most people think, but can be extremely unpredictable, ranging from sunny to blizzard within minutes! Here’s the ideal Iceland packing list for any time of year: 2 warm, lightweight undershirts (I also have it in grey) 1 rain jacket (Summer) 1 puffy vest. Here is everything I packed – & how it came in handy – during our July trip to Iceland last year: Outerwear For examples, cruises to New England and Canada aren't like packing for a cruise to the Caribbean. Tips for packing for a cruise How much to pack? Some swimming pools rent towels, but they are quite expensive. Walking around Reykjavik, a short sleeve T is fine, just keep the windbreaker around your waist in case of rain. Even so, Iceland’s temperatures are known for fluctuating quickly, easily going from warm and sunny to frigid, within the same day—or even within the same hour. A Good Quality Jacket. Travel in Iceland. What To Wear On A Cruise Holiday: Norwegian Fjords. Sweaters + light jackets. To enjoy a good hike, sturdy boots with good grip are essential, to ensure you can cover the terrain comfortably and safely, and without injury. FOR LIGHTER LOADS We recommend bringing a rucksack or small backpack for your daily essentials (e.g. 1 pair smart/casual trousers (suitable for day or evening) 1 pair leggings (I chose these instead of extra trousers) 1 smart/casual dress (dressed up for formal nights with heels and pashmina) 1 white linen skirt. Discover all you need to cruise to Reykjavik, Iceland. Answer 1 of 10: I'm going to Iceland in July and don't know if I need shorts, long pants, waterproof pants, rain jackets, short or long sleeved shirts, etc. Be prepared by packing clothes that can be layered easily for optimal warmth. When I went cruising to the Caribbean my suitcase was filled with cute sundresses, lots of cute sandals and flip flops, bating suits, and adorable warm weather clothes. So it is impossible to predict weeks or months in advance, but here are some guidelines on what to pack and how best to dress to get the most out of your Iceland trip. June, July, or August are your likely options. Discover our 2020 Iceland Cruises. Keep your receipts for items purchased in Iceland to receive tax back on departure! Also, they are so tight they can easily fit under another pair of trousers if the weather is really cold or wet. Cities and hidden gems alike come alive with the atmospheric buzz of people and, in many regions, a dip in the sea feels just like taking a bath. Hey cruisers, It’s Sheri with CruiseTipsTV with tips on what to pack for a Alaska cruise - clothes edition. Hiking or cargo pants would be comfortable & they usually have some kind of DWR or water resistant coating so will shed the rain. What to pack for a summer trip to Iceland – Trousers 2 x Leggings : I love leggings because they are super comfy, especially if you’re out all day hiking around. I haven’t checked, but I can’t imagine there would be cruises in months other than that due to … Depending on when you want to travel, the weather may vary, meaning it's important for you to pack accordingly in order to stay comfortable. Your Iceland cruise is the ideal time to catch sight of some of the world's largest and most mysterious animals: whales. It's best to bring a variety of footwear choices including low-heeled shoes for walking on deck, sandals for beach excursions and a pair of dress shoes as well. About 3 years ago, before I went on my first cruise, I searched all over the internet for information on what to wear on a cruise holiday, but I couldn’t seem to find anything current and appropriate for young people.So I just packed my entire wardrobe and hoped for the best! camera, wallet, medications, extra clothing layers, bottle of water, etc.) From where to stay in Iceland in July, the best tours, driving in Iceland and how to to get the most of your holiday in Iceland in July and summer in general. 1 Jacket + alternative (Winter) However this is a general Iceland packing list for all to go off of. A July cruise is great for a traditionally hot summer holiday. This will also be useful if you’re planning on taking a sightseeing cruise or a zodiac ride. Iceland is famous for its hot water springs and geothermal pools and there is nothing better than a relaxing hot tub after a long day outdoors. Iceland is famous for its dramatic landscape with volcanoes, lava fields and hot springs bringing great hike opportunities. So when packing for Iceland, make sure to pack a swimsuit, a towel, and also flip-flops with you. Aside from 2 days on the front and 1 day on the end touring Reykjavik, we will be doing outdoor activities like rafting, whale watching, glacier walking, horseback riding, hiking etc. If the fickle weather has you wondering what to pack for Iceland, don’t worry, we’re here to help. We did a summer in Iceland so I will take you through all the cool things to do in Iceland in July. Enjoy your trip! Being comfortable is a top priority during your cruise vacation -- casual wear is the standard daytime attire for most cruises. Walking boots. Light, comfortable hiking boots are … What to pack for an Alaskan Cruise: Remember, we cruised in July. Visit to get information on Reykjavik, Iceland cruises, including things to do, dining, ports of call, cruise … I’m traveling to Iceland this July for 9 days (plus 2 travel days.) A quick-drying microfibre towel is also nice to have when traveling around Iceland. So how do you pack for a place that experiences so many different types of weather in one day? This list would likely vary to some extent depending on your month of travel. It is safe to pack light when visiting Iceland in July but make sure to also bring your coat / warm weather and preferably something rain and wind proof – as you will never know what adventures you might find yourself in. Iceland is one of those places where the weather changes almost every hour but by far the best time to visit Iceland is in the summer. For the best chance, look from the top deck as we enter Akureyri or head up to the bay when we dock. Warm clothing: You should pack a fleece jacket, woollen sweaters, chunky knitwear and other warm items you can layer, like scarves and singlets/vest tops.

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